Smoking as intoxication: A qualitative study of queer youth in the SF Bay Area (pdf) (Antin et al. 2018)

The what is and why bother with a critical public health (Antin & Hunt 2018)

The here and now of youth: The meaning of nicotine and tobacco for counter-cultural youth (pdf) (Antin et al. 2017)

Gendered (& classed) experience of tobacco stigma: Implications for tobacco control (pdf) (Antin et al. 2016)

Smoking identity among African American young adults (pdf) (Lipperman-Kreda et al. 2016)

Narrative analysis (pdf) (Dill 2016)

Don’t box me in: Black Youth and the case for differentiation in tobacco control (pdf) (Young et al. 2016)

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