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Stable and affordable housing supports individual health and well-being.

Without the stability provided by affordable housing, participants experienced more strain on their mental and physical health.

  • When affordable housing is not available, people are more likely to live in unsafe conditions and suffer from poor health as a result — especially people who are disabled.
  • Health care providers are less likely to stay in the area.
  • Children are especially vulnerable to developmental delays, illnesses, and increased risks of substance use that are linked to poor housing conditions.

“There was a point where we would have to get roommates in our apartment, and my family just lived in one room. The struggles families are going through now, that's not good for anybody.”

(Study participant)

“[One reason why] I would drink, is stress. Like big stress factors such as, let's say you're in my situation, having to move out and having to deal with the eviction.”

(Study participant)

“My mom has had multiple doctors that have left. I feel really bad for her, having diabetes and trying to get a good doctor.”

(Study participant)

“If people can live comfortably, they will have less issues with mental health, and maybe they won't feel like they need to turn to drugs or alcohol.”

(Study participant)
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