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Stable and affordable housing makes rural communities more sustainable over time.

  • Housing shortages impact everyone, including people who have stable housing.
  • When the cost of housing makes it difficult for people to work in jobs that support the community as a whole, quality of life is negatively impacted for everyone.
  • Access to affordable housing reduces out-migration of young people, and gives multiple generations of families more freedom to stay in the same area.

“I think it’s so cool that the kids get to grow up here. It was awesome to grow up in beautiful environments where we got to play outside, play in the dirt, play in the trees.”

(Study participant)

“There's not a lot of young people. I mean, I probably think there's like, ten of us that I've seen... It's just not affordable for young people, so there's not a lot of them.”

(Study participant)

“I'm not feeling super happy about continuing to live in my car... but I also haven't really found that way out... [so I'm] hoping that the future holds new opportunities.”

(Study participant)

“There is kind of this disconnect between the past and the future of rural towns... These youths are getting out, or they are getting caught in that cycle of getting these not very sustaining jobs and not living fulfilling lives for themselves.”

(Study participant)
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