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Tobacco Harm Reduction Science Communication Brief

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The Center for Critical Public Health is a research group committed to shifting the rules of engagement in public health. Our research centers the multiple experiences, values, and beliefs of people whose voices are often left at the margins. We analyze the extent to which public health practice and policy-making are aligned with the everyday lives of people who experience health inequities. We highlight the public(s) in public health.

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Tamar Antin, DrPH, MAA

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Geoffrey Hunt, PhD


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"Um, did you just say tobacco harm reduction?" "I did." Science Communication

Learning From LGBTQIA+ Young Adults


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Over the summer we produced a science communication report for …

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Key components of science communication Science Communication

Science Communication in the Age of COVID-19


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The Center for Critical Public Health had the pleasure of …

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Image of 3 colorized cigarettes (1 turquoise, 1 blue, 1 red) against a checkered background in shades of gray Tobacco Harm Reduction

It’s Complicated: Harm Reduction Through Nicotine & Tobacco Use


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Discussions among participants about the ways nicotine and tobacco (NT) …

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