For many of the young dual users in our study, starting on a path towards smoking cessation by integrating vaping was important because quitting smoking “cold turkey” had not worked for them.

Waffles, a 21-year-old dual user who began smoking at the age of 14, had always associated vaping with “hipster scum,” as she called them, which she described as people from a “higher class trying to emulate a lower class” and so she wasn’t interested in vaping. However, after trying vaping for social reasons, she too eventually adopted the practice for smoking cessation. She said:

“I’ve been trying to quit smoking. I’m trying to transition through an e-cigarette. Because I wasn’t one of those people who could quit cold turkey, which I tried a lot of times, but it didn’t really work for me. So everyone is ‘yeah, you should try smoking with an e-cigarette’…you still get the feeling like you’re smoking, but it’s easier to quit than smoking cigarettes. So I think that’s later on what vaping became for me.”

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