Dual users in our study overwhelmingly emphasized the utility of dual use. Vaping wasn’t considered cool but instead vaping alongside of smoking helped to reduce their risk from smoking. Which is arguably the exact opposite of what is commonly argued in public health discourses. For example, Z, a 20-year-old dual user who started smoking at the age of 15, always felt that cigarettes were bad for her and so, around 17 or 18, she picked up vaping because she heard it was healthier. She said:

“Vaping was a little bit of a conscious decision. I wanted to lower the amount of nicotine I was getting daily. I tried [to quit smoking] cold turkey before. I couldn’t do it. It was just way too hard, so I tried the e-cigarettes and the vapes. And I was ‘well, this isn’t so bad’. It was more customizable…flavors and you can control the nicotine levels. So ‘okay, I like this’. Yeah, I mean, of course, I still like cigarettes once in a while. But it’s just something about the vape that I keep coming back to…So actually, like I mostly kind of sort of moved away from the traditional cigarettes. Like I still buy a pack every now and then, but I don’t go through them as fast as I used to. Yeah, I still definitely do it…I still get the craving, but I’m more likely to reach for my vape versus a cigarette.”

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