Very little is known about dual use from the perspectives of youth themselves.

The analysis that I want to share with you today is based on the dual users in our study, that is those who were smoking and vaping at the same time. Of the 33 current vapers in the study, 29 were dual users, so the majority. The reason that I want to focus on this group is because of one particular controversy. Research suggests that dual use is a common practice of nicotine and tobacco use among youth and young adults, and so a lot of research is concerned with identifying whether vaping came first and then led to smoking, because if that’s true, then concerns about vaping re-glamorizing smoking and not operating as a cessation aid may have some traction.

However, in reality, very little is known about dual use from the perspectives of the youth themselves. What role do they perceive that dual use serves for them? We would argue that only by listening to youths’ perspectives can we begin to understand why dual use is a common practice, and how concerned we should be about vaping perpetuating nicotine addiction and sustaining smoking.

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