E-cigarettes can be a very polarizing subject.

Increasingly however, the debate is more nuanced, though I would argue in California, at least, e-cigarettes can still be a very polarizing subject. The precautionary approach still seems to dominate the public health agenda, which is evidenced by how e-cigarettes are regulated in CA, in that they are treated the same as all tobacco products in spite of their diminutive level of risk, and evidence that they may be instrumental in helping people quit smoking.1

The other side of the debate lies the harm minimization contingent. Those are people who see promise in e-cigarettes and argue that if we can encourage smokers to displace their habit with vaping, then the benefit to the public’s health will be tremendous.1 There’s also a sentiment among some that some risky experimentation during adolescence is highly normative and if youth can experiment with a less risky substance or have a product to stop using a more risky product, then perhaps that’s of great benefit to public health too.

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