That is so f-ing stupid! I feel socially unacceptable for being queer. Like, I already feel socially unacceptable. I feel isolated. I feel f-ed up and f-ed over… Denormalisation, like, how much more ostracised do you think you want people to feel, right? Denormalisation – literally, you are not normal. You are a freak of nature. Yesterday, I was basically called an f-ing freak of nature in my doctor’s office. He basically said, ‘what you are, is not normal.’ That is still ringing in my f-ing ears…

But it’s like, it’s not normal to smoke? It’s not normal to be hungry and jobless and houseless either, so why are we not confronting that? It’s not normal to walk around with this hyper vigilance due to being raped. And it’s not normal to walk around with this hyper vigilance due to people who are supposed to keep you safe, f-ing trying to kill you. Like, that is not normal. So why don’t you do some denormalisation strategies on f-ing police brutality and then get back to me and tell me how that goes? Oh my God! Who thought that was a good idea? That’s what I think about that. I think, gross. Gross, gross, gross. I’m going to have to smoke a big cigarette after this.

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