Participants talked about smoking as a way to survive the conditions of being stigmatized.

This study revealed tremendously powerful narratives that illustrate the importance and really the need for a critical public health approach to tobacco, and I could talk for hours about the many themes that emerged from this study related to our study aims. But so I can also give examples from a second study, today I’m just going to share one theme from this project that emerged as especially salient for many of our participants.

And here is where it becomes clear: the “why bother” of a critical public health approach. The theme that I want to highlight today is one of survival. Frequently when participants talked about their reasons for smoking, they emphasized how smoking was a way to survive the conditions of being stigmatized.

For example, next we have a quote from Ana, a 20-year-old current smoker who identifies as a queer non-binary femme person and as bisexual. They said…

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