Image of rainbow against misty sky with text, "How do LGBTQ adults' life experiences intersect with California tobacco control?"
How do LGBTQ adults’ life experiences intersect with California tobacco control?

We became interested in examining perceptions of smoking-related stigma among LGBTQ adults who currently or formerly smoked. We also wanted to explore how LGBTQ adult former and current smokers experience tobacco-related stigma, how they talk about or make sense of their smoking, what role smoking plays in their lives, and how they perceive of tobacco control strategies that aim to make smoking socially unacceptable.

We were especially interested in the intersections of stigma, so how smoking-related stigma might interact with the other stigmas our participants had to deal with, like the stigma associated with being a sexual and/or gender minority, the stigma associated with being a racial minority, or being homeless, or living in poverty. Could that shed light on why it appears that tobacco denormalization is less effective for this group of smokers?

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